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    This is an in-depth mental exercise enhancing innate desire for more highly focused insight.  The process occurs naturally while reading the words.


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                                          Memory Project        

   This is a self-initiated exercise designed to substantially improve memory ability by guiding the reader towards energy focus on deep subconscious levels where early distortions affect connective bases.

   Substantial concentration is required to get good benefit. Rather than risk fatigue we suggest bookmarking pages for later reading sessions.

     Positive changes may be multiplied exponentially.

   Life decisions often involve convincing one’s self to imbed false memories. This is common and sometimes even necessary as a self-defense measure. Healthy renewal of focus can reconcile those with present perspective when truth-of-fact is accepted for what it is. These pages offer private intimate reading sessions which can deeply leverage such realizations.

   In-depth probing self-analysis can free one to affect positive changes; often reaching levels beyond expectations. All that’s needed is the reader’s own individual connection with the words. Allow both time and a place for serious contemplation and privacy.

   ( For more in-depth focus see: “Focus in Life” )


Memory Based Mental Strengthening

   Ability to focus on any one specific target or target area is uncompromisingly relative to confidence in the likelihood of overall success towards “ultimate” primary goals. Though conscious awareness of this fact may not be necessary, the nature of just what that is should never be in question. Any time it is less than clear, there’s a need to renew focus.

   Individual primary goals, in life, are unique to the individual. Before it’s possible to fully contribute to the progress of self and society certain personal needs must be addressed. It is the individual’s responsibility to attend to this. No one else can contribute substantially consistently or properly.

   This site was created to coach/encourage the reader in serious use of personal insight to maximum advantage.


Specific Utilization for Differing Purposes

   The project serves to help enhance individual ability to focus on whatever areas of life are of the most importance, currently, to the reader. Since it is based on improvement of “memory-based mental strengthening”, some of the most obvious uses involve addressing “memory limitations” or “deficiencies”. While that perspective is entirely valid and useful, memory plays an unrivaled role in all intellectual endeavors. Most mental processes require it. Investigation of earlier development of a person’s thought process is also advocated as a “preventative” measure, towards healthier future growth.


   In order to benefit from this “whole-health” approach, it is imperative to embrace the fact that all physical and mental conditions have a history. Even recent observations, despite being clear and obvious, are likely to be of something long in the making. In many cases distant past influences are insufficiently known to affect direct changes. Attempts to delve into a person’s unconscious memory, to find causation, are most effectively made by the individuals concerned.


   Close reading of these pages may contribute to overall strength of memory far beyond addressing specific deficiencies. It begins with general descriptions of how and why various suggestions and techniques tend to work.


   Development of this project revealed applications linking enhanced long term, short term and “intermediate” ranges of human memory. Further development, following influences on other memory related activity made clear the fact that “memory”, is a wholly integral, essential function of all mental activity. Any strengthening of any memory related ability strengthens the whole person. Strengthening of memory functions which are most central and fundamental to thought process will have the greatest direct and indirect effectiveness.

   Slow progress, here, is not only “ok”… it is good. Deeper understanding of how different “time” ranges are related affords a greater appreciation for “small” increments of progress. Better margins for reflection on memory’s roles, both within and without of expected functions, allow for easier expansion of both. In other words… while a primary function may serve other memory areas, we don’t need to ignore immediate contribution/impact to ongoing outside activity. A substantial grasp of such interaction is afforded.

   No matter how fundamental, important, interesting or urgent any issue, matter or activity may be, the one thing that always enters into the equation is some impact on our life’s top priority…following that dream!

   Of course, much experience, in life has led us to guard against “childish” distraction. We found that urgent demands may arise, calling for immediate attention… no time for such reflection. That is a fact of life.

   As children, with strong will and healthy determination, we would, quite soon, be able to garner a good clear renewal of focus…effectively, encompassing our most important agenda…including the recently experienced factors. Our entire “being” shifted from high priority concerns for oncoming actions to concerns for meeting the most elemental present realities.

   For a long time, we may have “fed” off the stress and anxiety… steeling ourselves to effectively deal with challenge. With success, all life can be seen as a challenge. If “attitude” was well in harmony with total reality, one could continue on this path, indefinitely. Consider, though, (after all)…we are only human. As time goes by, we become, progressively, more impeded by ‘distractions’…which can tend to “cloud” even the very most (apparently) clear vision and perception. “Shifting” between anxiety levels is less “accurate”. Missing a “shift” may cause us to coast…with certain loss of control. If this happens on a “downshift” into lower stress levels, appreciation for the relief might propel us towards “adopting “ this mode as a kind of “gateway” to a kind of “place of refuge”…a level on which we can rely on/(fall back on) for renewing our focus, and re-establishing a firm “footing”. It is from this “place” that we are most prepared to embark upon real and demanding challenges.

   But, harsh experiences have shown that if we get too comfortable, we may develop a tendency to delay acceptance of challenges. We do so, at first, because it works! The more it does, the more it might find a regular “place”, in our life. Gradually, dreams, hopes and goals may become more distant. They may seem to be ‘drifting away’…hopes ‘fading’. But, devoting ourselves to the ‘fight’, we persevere…as did our ancestors…in the hopes of fulfilling agenda to which we are not yet privy, but are “moved” to pursue.



   It may seem that, more recently, people have been devoting more attention finding “meaning” in life. When feelings come over us that our world has (possibly?) been transitioning into one that is more complex (?), it’s natural to seek assurances of our “grip” on what we perceive to be the most elemental/fundamental factors making up our primary whole environment.

   Many feel we do too much of that. In some cases, it might be true. The mere fact that we have enough time to consider issues (apparently) far removed from more urgent concerns may be taken as a sign that we have too much time on our hands. But while such “indicators” may serve as warnings the events, themselves, often serve important functions. We, as intelligent beings, must retain ability to “discern” much “good” choice from “bad”. The problem is that, should our capabilities be, at all, “compromised”, we must be able to “fall back” on some fundamental values…values that we will accept on “faith”, due to the sum of our experience…in lieu of “deficit” in current ability.

   To the degree that we draw comfort/support from “inner awareness based strength”…that we need not concern ourselves, unduly, with “certain” matters…we become freer to go forward, without delay. Whenever we need to refresh that resource we must do so… avoid repeating history more than necessary.


   It may, at times be necessary to transition, rapidly, between conscious and sub-conscious levels, of insight. Think of this as a “base/point-of reference program” for strengthening cognitive ability. Proper application can lead to additional benefits.

   Please, factor in your present “mood” to continue to the most appropriate page. Choosing the “link” that, best, fits you presently.

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